Coffee Bar, San Francisco

Coffee Bar is a solid cafe. I can hang out here and write all day long.

Friendly, no-nonsense, and attractive baristas run a tight ship in this modern space with great light and air, roomy tables, good-quality yet unobtrusive dishware, and comfortable and varied seating, including a roomy front porch with potted plants and tables. The one-room toilet is clean and pleasantly decorated.

Patrons share communal tables, and most are working on laptops or meeting with someone. The atmosphere is youthful and professional. Free wireless works fine though it did boot me anytime I fell idle for a few minutes. Almost every seat in the house can reach an electrical outlet. Good tea and coffee complement a healthy and decadent if uninspired sandwich and salad menu with reasonable prices as well as fresh baked coffee-cake oriented dessert options. Yes, they have beer and wine.

This is a great place to camp out all day to write. I like that the floorplan puts me between my laptop and the outside door when I go to order another cup of tea.

Cross posted from Kristy Lin Billuni’s Yelp Reviews

Caesar's Palace, 2009, Las Vegas, NV

  1. November 2nd, 2009

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