Maureen Futtner and Associates Offers Uplifting Social Media Tips

Last week, I attended a fantastic workshop at the LGBT Center. Thank you, Ken Stram and the Center’s Economic Development Program for bringing this free event to my community!

And thanks, colleagues Sueann Mark and Dorothy Pang, for suggesting I make my notes available. Here they are.

Maureen’s PR for the People mission is clear–on the MF&A website as well as in her voice when she explains, with bursting enthusiasm, how social media can increase business. In this presentation, she introduced social media platforms I am already using: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging. But I still learned a lot and left with a to-do list that will catapult me from social media casual user to a social media intentional powerhouse. And that’s what I went to learn.

So here are the ten hottest tips I took home from Maureen’s presentation:

  1. Remember that my participation with these tools is my participation in a conversation. What can I contribute? Am I listening?
  2. Create a social media marketing plan. Be strategic. Think before you click.
  3. Start using Google Alerts.
  4. Start using Google Analytics.
  5. Connect my Twitter feed to my LinkedIn page (done!)
  6. Review my biographical information on all platforms. Are my keywords present?
  7. Make tiny vanity links for long URLs such as Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
  8. Aim for 3 to 5 Tweets a day, mostly practical information my followers can use with only a tiny sprinkling of self promotion.
  9. Search Trending Topics, followers, and folks I follow to identify my target audiences on Twitter.
  10. Being social is fun! Keep my participation fun too!

So I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I feel a little more organized and a lot more motivated. Thanks, Maureen!

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