Listen to the Bellefaire Podcast

I wanted to have a category for recommended reading, where I can feature the writing of my friends, colleagues, clients, and heroes. Funny then, that my first contribution to the reading category is a recommended podcast, The Bellefaire Podcast, specifically.

Because, just in time for some holiday lounging, MJ Hahn’s released episode 15, the final chapter in his positively addictive and intriguing tale, Yuki O’Malley and the Bellefaire.

Beneath every form of media you love lurks a writer: pop music, rock videos, sit-coms, and even reality TV. But so many writers focus on the publishing industry when we fantasize about the ultimate expression of our work.

Today’s media-saturated, all-access network expands possibilities beyond the hardbound great American novel to endless satisfying, creative, and rewarding routes to an audience. Blog software like WordPress lends itself to serializing your novel. You Tube lets you broadcast your own video productions. And iTunes pumps your podcast into the earbuds of the masses.

Like many great writers, Hahn surely hears voices, but he doesn’t just merely write down the stories in his head. He produces and records them.

The Bellefaire Podcast is a serial horror drama aimed at the Harry Potter crowd. Yuki, the biracial, semi-psychic, anime-esque, pre -teen heroine and her phantasmic, ass-kicking, ’80s punk rock teen sidekick, Tina, face villains who wreak of greed and vanity at a spooky salon for women of a certain age. Did I mention it all happens on the streets of San Francisco? It’s quite fantastic.

Hahn voices most of characters himself. Especially notable is his sultry, trashy Madame LaMal, but Lee Ann Parker’s voice is a delight as the perfect Yuki. In fact, each of the actresses Hahn’s assembled adds depth and character to his already character-driven writing.

So go download the 15 episodes before your long drive to holiday gatherings or before your post-holiday-meal coma. Get inspired to think about how you’ll unleash the voices in your own head next year.

  1. June 16th, 2010
  2. July 12th, 2011

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