Heavy Breathing

Writer, massage therapist, sexological bodyworker, healer, and educator, Mkali-Hashiki teaches an amazing class about breath, and I think you should go spend a day breathing with her.

Erotic Breathwork for Queer Women
Saturday February 27, 10am-5:30pm
Berkeley CA (near BART, bus, on-street parking)
$100 if registered by Feb 5

“But wait!” you may say.  “I breathe all day every day. I know how to breathe, and I have more to get done than just breathe!”

Let me tell you, since I’ve taken this class, that this is a very special kind of breathing–erotic breathing. Erotic breath connects your body, your erotic body, to the way you breathe. You will learn techniques to help your nervous system heighten, your orgasms multiply, and your intimate connections intensify. You will learn several techniques over the day. She has excellent teaching skills, and a natural, comfortable presentation style.

And erotic breath work will help you write. Oh yes, it will. Because making connections between your body and your mind, breathing into those connections and embracing them–well, that’s what you are doing when you are writing.
Mkali-Hashiki, in her wisdom, makes a point that breathing is what keeps us alive, yet we pay it little mind. My yoga teacher describes life itself as the period of time between your first breath and your last. A novice breather myself, despite my thirty-eight years of practice, I know that the more I pay attention to my breath, the more I pay attention to me.

And the more I pay attention to me–the more I write.

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