Sugar Cafe, San Francisco

At Sugar Cafe, I feel young again. Maybe it’s the art student scene, a scene of my youth, or the young woman with the Hello Kitty tattoo sitting next to me. Maybe it’s the name. Here at Sugar, I am content in spite of its few shortcomings.

Sure, the baristas may be a little less than friendly, but their beauty, youth, and endless coolness make up for that. I love the design of the place–great colors and shapes, rotating art on the walls, and multiple types of spaces to sit conspire to make me feel truly at home here. Although I must point out that for the actual work of writing, table choices can be limiting. The crowded cafe tables often require climbing underneath and setting your own shim. I prefer a cafe where somebody does this for me.

The wireless connection is free and solid, but you may have to hunt around for an electric outlet. Bring your extension cord.

I’ve heard that Sugar has an identity crisis, and I must admit that, while I have enjoyed wine here, I have never enjoyed it during their evening bar scene. Personally, I like a cafe that transforms into a bar at night. And I like the option to have a beer with my lunch, especially if my writing is not going well.

The food here is totally edible if lackluster beside the desserts. But then they didn’t call it Salt, did they?

Cross-posted from Kristy Lin Billuni’s Yelp Reviews.

Wide Brimmed Hat, San Francisco

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