Sexy Grammar Week

It snuck up on me, but I can’t be blamed. After all, this week is only the first annual for  America’s Sexuality Day and the second annual National Grammar Day. And I’m just in the throes of figuring out what being the Sexy Grammarian really means to me. But it’s a total delight to discover these two dates and their proximity on the calendar, and you can bet I will be prepared with all kinds of celebratory behavior this week next year.

One thing I know about my business is that it’s about empowering others with the knowledge I posess. That is, offering support to writers and to people who want to have hot, healthy sex lives.  If I’m doing my job well, I won’t be the only Sexy Grammarian on the block. Just as Buffy made us all vampire slayers in the final episode of the final season, so I hope to make us all Sexy Grammarians, from the very conception of my business identity.

So, to honor the week, I have chosen three bloggers with excellent grammar skills who write about sex. These are my first three Honorary Sexy Grammarians. I know you’ll enjoy their work.

Greta Christina:
This seasoned blogger is smart, snarky, and likely to challenge what you think you know about writing, religion, and getting off.

M. Svairini
: Hot! Hot! Hot! When I want a naughty, one-handed read, I go here.

Dr. Sueann Mark:Got a question about sex? This clinical sexologist has the answers.

So, happy Sexy Grammar Week, everybody. Please go give these Sexy Grammarians some blog love. And why not nominate your favorite Sexy Grammarian in the comments? May these days of raw writing and sassy sex inspire the flow of juicy creativity in you!

  1. Thanks Sexy Grammarian! I you too 🙂

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