In Your Pie Hole

I go to Mission Pie if:

  • I need to write and not be distracted by web surfing.
  • I’m on my way to a party and want to make a tasty contribution.
  • I need pie.

All three of these things happen to me all the time, so naturally, I find myself at Mission Pie rather frequently. There’s a nice, big community table where folks actually talk nice to strangers, and the space is spacious and bright.

And the pies–it doesn’t matter what pie you get. And now you can get savory pies there too, so it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Get a slice. Get a whole one. Get a cute, little, single-serving galette. They are all homemade and delicious. These kids know their pie.

And they know their coffee and tea too. They’ve got one of the finer tea selections in the city, and they are happy to brew a hot or iced cup for you, something most coffee places have no idea how to do.

Service is top-notch, and the restroom is clean and has homemade air freshener. It’s pi week, so you should go.

Cross-posted from Kristy Lin Billuni’s Yelp Reviews.

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