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My business has been knocking me around a little lately.

A new potential client referrer deemed my blog NSFW and disappeared.

A corporate client took 18 months to pay me for an extensive job I finished overnight.

I announced my Get Fresh! content lab for bloggers and entrepreneurs and then fell behind on posting to my own blog.

I think a bruised ego and sense of professional crumbling is common in the midst of creative expansion. I know one writer who was literally stricken temporarily blind just days after committing to finally writing her book. I know another writer who received the most mean-spirited comments I’ve ever seen in an online forum the same day he braved coming out as a writer to an old friend.

I don’t think these stumbling blocks fall magically from a great, karmic sky. Rather, I think creative expansion is risky. Finding your voice, figuring out the gesture of your art, these activities are all-consuming. It’s easy to forget to eat, to bill your biggest client, or even to put your reading glasses on when you’re standing in the middle of a personal creative downpour, getting drenched.

And that’s where I’ve been with my business lately, standing in the rain. It’s a warm rain, nurturing and hydrating. It’s providing what I’ve needed to understand the connection between the sex educator and the writer. In it I have uncovered a new business identity, The Sexy Grammarian, launched a successful Writer’s Workshop, and written two novels.

So where does a soggy entrepreneur with a sometimes-dry blog get off facilitating a writer’s lab for entrepreneurs? I get off right here, thank you very much. Right here in my blog, I intend to wrestle with the issues that I believe plague most blogging entrepreneurs: how to keep the fresh content flowing, how to balance my blog’s offerings of  useful information and self-promotion, and how to participate in the online social media discourse in a way that serves both business owner and writer.

I’m not an expert at these things, but I am an expert at helping people to write. And I am an expert community builder. If you don’t believe me, just ask the participants in my last Writer’s Workshop. Here are a few quotes:

My favorite things about the Sexy Grammar Workshop are the community feel, the support, and Kristy!

After last night’s session, I feel ready to write and happy! Really happy and alive!

My favorite thing about the Sexy Grammar Workshop is community—sharing and learning from others.

And what they love in my first workshop will fuel this second writer’s community endeavor of mine. Come to it if you want to expand your blogging experience and find the ease and joy in it. It’s “priced to sell,” as one participant puts it, at $20 for a three-hour lab and $50 for a series of three labs. Get Fresh! content labs happen every third Friday 11am to 2pm. Bring your lunch and your laptop!

  1. Go Kristy! Go Kristy! Go Kristy! I am hoping to wrestle my schedule into submission so that I can come to Get Fresh. I have tons of half-written blog entries and I think it’s a genius idea to knock a whole bunch of them out at one sitting.

    I think you are totally right about creative risk and creative expansion. In fact, that gives me a lot to think about with regard to my own process.

    As for NSFW … well … you don’t wanna work w/that prude anyway, right? No, seriously. Sometimes, the more you define and step out as yourself, the more it clarifies what kind of people will invite themselves into your world. And although it can sting, ultimately that’s a good thing. (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

    And by the way, I never find your blog dry. I would actually describe it as rather … moist.

  2. Thank you for fiercely standing tall in the midst of the swirl, Kristy! We all face that one way or another.

    And it remains true that there’s no editor I would rather refer to, no one else I would have gone to myself to get my blog in shape!

    The brilliance of your work — and all of who you are — is never lost on me.

  3. I am so thankful for your incredible support, Minal and Renata!

    Minal, I hope you do make it to some Get Fresh! sessions. I think it’s going to be fun and would be infinitely MORE fun with you present! And thanks for validating my experience of risk and expansion. That means a lot. As for your rhyme and comment about bloggy moistness, well, I’m bushing.

    And Renata, I am so pleased to hear that you are happy with the work we did on your blog together. It certainly was a pleasure for me, and I am blushing again at you calling me brilliant. I guess that’s a pot and kettle kinda thing, huh?

    Hey everybody, Minal and Renata have fantastic blogs that are totally worth a visit. Go give them the attention they deserve! You’ll find them both linked on the right there. Minal is under “Writers of Note” and Renata’s blog, Being Daring, is above that, under “Small Business Colleagues.”

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