Straddling Creative Forces

While I’ve been busy plotting new and exciting opportunities for writers in my community, I’ve been wrestling with a few plots of my own, and they’ve got me straddling projects, concepts, strategies, and continents.

In the new year, I tackled the daunting-yet-flattering task of sitting down with the 18 wonderful readers who agreed to read my first novel while I started working on a second one. These 18 readers furnished my writing project and me with all the love, criticism, support, and cheer leading that I aspire to offer my own clients. So there I was, with one foot in my editor’s pants and the other in my writing pants, learning a whole lot about what it’s like to receive feedback on a project that’s got your heart and soul inside it. These feedback conversations inspired a whole new level of work on novel #1, and I’m up to my ears in it at the moment.

And I’m about to jump on an airplane and whisk myself off to Spain. While I’m away, my business will attempt to run in an automated fashion, signing you up for the workshops that happen just as soon as I return. So I’ve got one foot in my business shoes and the other in my tourist clogs. I’m hoping to find inspiration for a new writing project–perhaps something that will force me to travel more. In fact, although I travel to feed my inner demons who demand inspiration, I expect to put out a good bit of writing while I’m away. That’s half a brain handling input and half a brain handling output.

And in the meantime, novel #2 awaits my attention. I have not read a word of it since completing the first draft last November, yet it haunts my dreams. I’ve planned a late summer writing retreat to wrestle with those artistic angels at Sea Ranch. Even my projects seem to be straddling some invisible line between complete and first-draft-land.

Two novels, two continents, two workshops, two writing phases, two artistic directions. That’s a lot of creativity between my legs. Feels sexy. I guess that means I should go with it.

    • Kat
    • April 30th, 2010

    As always, in awe of what you can fit between your legs 😉

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