Maritza Shafer: Communications Strategist

When I first met Maritza, sometime in 2003 or 2004, she told me all about a world of technology—networks and online media, streaming video and social networking—that I didn’t understand at all. Although I thought these technologies had nothing to do with me, I found myself drawn in by her enthusiasm.

And that’s the thing about Maritza, she’s thinking ahead of other communications professionals. And despite her advanced expertise in her field, she communicates with the patience and enthusiasm of a kindergarten teacher. She may very well be smarter than most people, yet she possesses the humility to recognize and seize learning opportunities.

Maritza makes hard work fun. When she invites me to join a project I know I am going to get inspired and meet quality people because she surrounds herself with them.

She is full of life and love. She knows how to laugh, but she can also navigate sticky collaboration pitfalls.

When one of her colleagues complained about the quality of a project I’d delivered, Maritza facilitated a conversation between us that fostered greater understanding and an improved working relationship.

She challenges herself and everyone around her to achieve our greatest potential. Once you’ve met her, hang on. You are in for a wild and empowering ride.

At that first meeting, before she dazzled me with tales of technologies I wouldn’t use for three more years or so, Maritza gave me a tiny handmade notebook, a perfect low-tech gift for a writer she hardly knew. And that’s another thing about her. She is thoughtful and full of generosity. She brings all these great qualities to the table every time I work with her.

And this week, she launches Points Five, an online publicity and strategic communications company that’s going to knock your virtual socks right off. Go give her new site some love, and when you need an expert communications strategist, put her to work for you.

    • Kat
    • May 4th, 2010

    Thanks Kristy for the connecting to another amazing person!

    Maritza, your website looks great.

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