FANBOYS, or How To Remember Conjunctions

In an earlier Sexy Grammar Trick, you learned to use a comma to fuse two independent clauses, but you need a conjunction too. So, Raeme, The Sexy Grammarian’s intern brings you today’s Sexy Grammar Trick, a great way to remember conjunctions.

Before we get into conjunctions, let’s make sure we understand independent clauses.

An independent clause (essentially a sentence) is composed of a subject, a verb, and, sometimes, an adjective or adverb.

Marina walks. [Subject and verb]

Pretty Marina walks. [Adjective, subject and verb]

Marina walks joyfully. [Subject, verb, and adverb]

Pretty Marina walks joyfully. [Adjective, subject, verb and adverb]

You can combine two independent clauses using a conjunction—a  word that joins two separate sentences. The most common conjunctions are the FANBOYS, or:








Marina walks joyfully, for she rather enjoys the springtime.

The sentence Marina walks joyfully can stand alone, just as the sentence She rather enjoys the springtime can stand alone.

These independent clauses can  unite into one compound sentence by the conjunction for and a comma, which is placed after the first clause and before the conjunction.

Let’s try a few more:

She loved his personality, and she found him pleasing physically.

He did not love his secretary, nor did he want anything more than a fling with her.

He would have liked to kiss her when she said goodbye, but he knew her timid disposition would prevent her from accepting his advances.

I would enjoy some ice cream, or I might even have  a cup of iced tea.

She was ready to eat dinner, yet she wanted to give her husband a proper welcome home.

She was stranded outside of the hotel, so she called a taxicab.

  1. December 21st, 2010

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