A Perfect Place To Write

I love Epicenter Cafe.

Despite sharing a corner with bigger fish, Whole Foods Cafe and Peet’s, this neighborhood cafe buzzes with activity every time I visit. I like them a lot for that and for their overall downhome warmth and classy service.

They serve their cappuccinos the way a cappuccino should be served, in a proper ceramic cup with an artistic, foamy head, and they offer an impressive lunch and snack menu that bucks the common coffee house sandwich/wrap fare: homemade soups, homemade hummus, and a fantastic crab salad. Portions are just right. And the bread pudding haunts my dreams.

The wireless connection never fails, and I get the idea that if it ever did, there would be somebody around who knew what to do about it. Every employee behaves like he owns the place, taking a real interest in treating customers well–polite, efficient, and friendly. I can always reach an outlet, even without my extension cord. And nobody has ever flicked any attitude at me for working on my laptop a little longer than my cappuccino lasts.

The setting includes fantastic local art, varied seating–couches, tables, and barstools,–and a clean, modern feel.

I love to write here. I love to hide out and get work done here. I love to meet clients here. It’s perfect.

Cross Posted from Kristy Lin Billuni’s Yelp Reviews.

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