Happy Anniversary to Me!

Seven years ago today, I scored my first editing contract and started this little business. I hadn’t named myself The Sexy Grammarian yet. I hadn’t taken the amazing business-building class at Women’s Initiative yet. I didn’t even offer coaching services or workshops.

But I knew where to put a comma. And I’d developed valuable teaching skills in my work as a sexual health educator for Project Prepare.

So I edited my first novel, a messy little romance story that required research into the world of Harley Davidson riders. And I was hooked. Collaborating with a writer to uplift her manuscript from messy to submission-ready offered creative expression, a sense of achievement, literary stimulation, and flexible work hours.

Since then, I’ve edited, collaborated on, workshopped, coached, midwifed, and encouraged thousands of projects: novels, short stories, dissertations, websites, nonfiction book proposals, business plans, screenplays, professional bios, and books. It’s been a wild seven years.

I’ve celebrated by taking myself on a writing retreat. More on that and my own creative writing to come.

By the way, did you know that September is Shameless Promotion Month? It’s also Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month. So wish me a happy anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary, Kristy! I’m so glad you took that leap and I am deeply grateful for your inspiration and support. My own blog wouldn’t be half of what it is without your coaching and your monthly Get Fresh! Content Labs.

    Wishing you continuing success and immensely grateful for the fabulosity that is you (as both Kristy and as the Sexy Grammarian),

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Renata. And thanks for your constant reminders to celebrate success.

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