The Writer’s Manicure

“It’s just more fun to touch your toes when they look pretty,” said the woman on the orange tie-dye mat next to me.

I’d just complimented her pedicure, a perfect match to her mat and a welcome distraction during my painful downward dog. I looked at my own toes, not as recently painted and so not quite as shiny as hers, and agreed. I would be happier right now if my toes looked like hers. Can a good pedicure really improve my yoga practice?

I walked home feeling self critical. Self criticism, I noted, gets in the way of writing, slows it down. Would a good-looking manicure help?

How could it? Isn’t writing an intellectual exercise? Something so shallow, so vain, so girlish can’t possibly affect it, right? But when I write, I look at my hands, just as I look at my toes when I do yoga. And when I look, I assess.

And when I assess, I’m likely to criticize–self criticize. And when I self criticize, the downward dog is going to hurt, and the writing is going to slow down. I gave myself a nice, cheap, at-home mani/pedi.

And guess what? It’s just more fun to write when my nails look pretty! Call me shallow. I’ll call it sexy. And I’ll keep writing.

Looking for a good manicurist? Check out reviews of your local salons on Yelp. While you’re there, check out my cafes-for-writing reviews or the generous, five-star reviews of my services.

  1. Kristy, I’m fully in support of *whatever* keeps you writing! If it takes a gift to yourself to keep you comin’ with these gifts for us, your readers, then so be it!

  2. As a girl who loves to dress up
    And have my nails done
    Visit the spa
    Eat good food
    Travel shop go to the movies see art hear music
    All of the above fills and soothes ones soul
    With out a quiet soul you can’t do anything and you definitely
    Can not create So by all means get a Mani pedi weekly!!
    Dally if you like !!!
    It necessary to take time to take to take of yourself!

    • In Faro’s Garden
    • September 24th, 2010

    I’m happy when the mud is not too deeply embedded…

    I think it’s a pleasure I’ll have to experience only in my fantasies.


  3. Susan and Faro, thanks for your delightful comments! I’m so lucky to have your thoughts on quiet souls and pleasure fantasies here.

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