Day 9: Support The Office of Letters & Light (and me!)

Today’s Word Count Goal: 20,650

Today’s Word Count So-Far: 14,180

Total Word Count Goal: 50,000

Have I mentioned that I’m raising funds for The Office of Letters & Light this November?

The OLL and The Sexy Grammarian share the same mission: to help people achieve their creative writing potential. Consider making a donation as a commitment to your own creative goals or as a tribute to creativity and the art of writing!

Make your donation right now and help me raise my $200 goal.
The OLL brings inspiring and challenging writing events to the world, including free curriculum for kids through libraries and schools. By raising $200, I qualify to attend NaNoWriMo’s annual fundraising write-a-thon, The Night of Writing Dangerously.

Have you donated yet? Why are you still reading? I can’t write blog posts all day! I’m writing a children’s book about pigeons over here! Go! Donate! Support this madness!


Watch the Sexy Grammarian participate in National Novel Writing Month for the third year in a row. I’ll post word counts and worries here daily, Tweet about it, raise funds for the Office of Letters And Light, and host Meet Me/Tweet Me open loft writing sessions all month long.

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