About Writing

A uniquely human behavior, writing may qualify as a human right or a responsibility to some of us. We feel compelled to write and feel challenged by it at once. Most writers who come to me learned to write around age five or six. They’ve already learned to write. If I’m not teaching my writing clients how to write, what am I doing when I coach and lead workshops?

I address obstacles—what gets in the way of your writing. In my writing sessions, I tackle stuff like:

  • Isolation
  • Fear
  • Mechanics of writing
  • Self criticism
  • Time management
  • Accountability

In my writing coaching and workshop sessions we overcome these obstacles by cultivating:

  • Community
  • Time saving techniques
  • Support
  • Flow
  • Self confidence
  • Engagement
  • Inspiration

Tools I use with my writing clients include:

  • Tips and lessons
  • Sexy Grammar
  • Community support
  • Collaborative homework
  • Peer pressure
  • Time to write
  • Space to write and discuss writing process
  • Nurturing of the whole writer
  • Setting goals

Some of the writing lessons I offer might be:

  • Writing technique
  • Grammar
  • Giving feedback
  • Getting feedback
  • Harnessing inspiration
  • Story structure and theme

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