Still Life With Novel #1

Last November, I posted this story of my writing process for novel #1. After I finished writing about pigeons, I returned to this project and have been deep in it ever since. So I thought I’d update.

I snapped the shot above because when I finished the current draft and printed it, I felt proud. Now I’m working with this pile of papers to ensure a few things:

  • the story has a day-by-day rhythm that works
  • I’m using sexy, thematically appropriate language and sentence structure
  • the plot makes sense

So what are we looking at in this photo? That stack of paper beside the butt-end of my hot pink stapler, a pen, and a nail file, consists of:

  • a color-coded, day-by-day plot outline
  • theme-word lists for each of the novel’s four sections (on hot orange paper)
  • an 80,000-word manuscript

Yep, the manuscript has almost doubled in size, so I’m also looking for places I can cut. And I’ve joined a local queer/trans writing group where I hope to find some momentum for this final push. After this draft, I’m looking to sell.

Anybody know an agent or publisher looking for a bisexy romp through deadly sin and snow in San Francisco?

  1. Yay! What a sexy-looking manuscript!! Hot accessories too 🙂

  2. Minal, you are an amazing support! Thanks for calling my stapler hot and my manuscript sexy.

  1. November 8th, 2011

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