Writing Out Your Brand

Branding may be the most overlooked step in building a business. Small business owners often jump straight to logo design, website building, or advertisement without strategizing a foundation for those marketing efforts.

I’m learning a lot about branding myself, so I’ve been digging around for direction, wondering about the big ideas behind the concept of company brand.

I like the approach offered in this free pdf offered by the Linney Group in England. They explain branding using a tree metaphor.

roots: your company’s attributes and the promise you make

lower trunk: the personality of your company

upper trunk: the essence of your company

branches: what kinds of marketing you do

foliage: what your company looks like

Writing out your brand, that is, writing down your thoughts about each of these things–from the promise you make to your customer to the color of your metaphoric leaves–will help you to build a meaningful brand and simplify other decisions about logo, marketing, and even service policies.

Spend some time answering the following questions, based on the Linney Group’s Branding Tree, to identify the elements of your company’s brand:


What do I do better than anyone?

How do I connect emotionally to my clients?


What kind of person is my company?

Who do my clients want to engage with?


What do my products and services stand for in the hearts and minds of my clients?

What do I do?

What sorts of marketing tactics reflect my promise?

How do I look?

What colors, shapes, symbols, and images appeal to my target market and communicate the essence of my company?

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  1. Always looking for a better ways to expand my market. Branding has been difficult for me as I am in the early stages of my business. I ready to climb the tree!

  2. Audrey, thanks for extending the metaphor. I hope to do some tree climbing together soon.

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