Resources Galore! Get Organized—Tools To Boost Your Productivity At Work with Joshua Zerkel

Joshua Zerkel is funny! He’s got a dry, subtle sense of humor that really works for a presenter, but he’s not all fluff. In fact, he packed his presentation with solid resources to help you organize your business.

For instance, he advises you to organize one small area at a time. You don’t have to “get organized” all at once, he says. Instead, try to constantly evolve and always make it better. And he suggests only looking at email three times a day. Shut off email noise alerts so you can pull it off.

I loved his time-organizing techniques, such as his advice to create these time blocks on your calendar:

1.    Production time

2.    Marketing time

3.    Admin time

4.    Breaks

And his procrastination strategy:

  1. Identify the tasks you procrastinate.
  2. Focus on the goal of those tasks.
  3. Reward yourself for finishing the task.
  4. Use a timer to limit the time you spend on the task.
  5. Group procrastinated tasks and get them all done at once.

He also offered countless pre-tested software resources. I haven’t tried all of these yet myself but plan to: : digitizes receipts and biz cards : backups both online or local disk options : for contacts : free online archive

Facebook blocking software: I found LeechBlock, a Firefox add-on.

iPhone app: WorldCard

I loved Josh’s resourcefulness and his style. And I love being organized!

Last week, entrepreneurs nationwide celebrated Small Business Week, and San Francisco marked the occasion with several fantastic events including the Small Business Conference, more than 30 workshops to help small business owners succeed. This week, I offer my notes and inspiration from the four  fabulous workshops I attended:

I’m integrating what I’ve learned into my coaching practice, especially for small business owners. Do you know a small business owner who needs help keeping up with the writing demands of Internet marketing? I can help, and my first session is free.


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