Get Inspired This Pride

Pride Month inspires me: the creative force of the gay community, the bold beauty of queer culture, the flapping rainbow flags, and the glorification of a drag queen riot that changed the world.

I love this quote about Pride, posted a few years ago by one of my favorite local bloggers, Lesbian Dad:

Ah, Pride. Hot sun, cheering crowds, thumping disco beats emanating from jumbo speakers on flatbed trucks and from a massive sound system installed in front of city hall. Lining and streaming up the street are old and young, lesbian and gay, bisexual and transgendered. Locals and tourists. Drunk and sober; clean and sober. Been there, done that attendees. Been there, done him, and him, and him attendees. Never been there before attendees, who can’t wait to do anything a’tall. The heartwarmed and the heartbroke. The bursting with energy, and the utterly exhausted.

No matter what turns you on, there’s something for you in San Francisco in June. Here’s my list of inspiring outings this year:

6/1-6/30 Benders Bar shows a retro collection of the photography of the talented and wildly creative Genea Barnes. Go have a drink for your head and a feast for your eyes.

6/4 Essence promises to be a sex party with a soul.

6/8 & 6/24 Tales of the City, A New Musical: Episodic, gay melodrama meets discoball musical madness. Armistead Maupin gets busy with the Scissor Sisters. The show’s already running, but check out the special event performances 6/8  Out With ACT and 6/24 Special Benefit with Olympia Dukakis.

6/10-12 The 7th Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival: What turns you on? Radiant, unique voices expressed through film or an old-style theater rocked by hundreds of hot dykes? Either way, you’ll be in heaven.

6/15 Jean Dibble, Co-founder and co-publisher of the SF Bay Guardian speaks on running an independent paper in an uncertain publishing market at my local small business incubator, The Ren Center.

6/17-19 Respectful Confrontation Weekend Workshop: Stop pretending your relationships aren’t a mess, and start learning how to communicate. The gentle, brilliant Joe Weston shows you how in three life-altering days.

6/18 Out & Around Launch Party: Toast bon voyage to the bold and crazy Lisa Dazols and Jenni Chang as they embark on their trip around the world to find the SuperGays.

6/26 The San Francisco Pride Parade: This is the real deal. Get out on the street early or you miss the famous Dykes on Bikes Kickoff.

6/27-30 This Is What I Want, The National Queer Arts Performance Festival. I think the title says it all.

Inspiration’s just one of the keys to expressing yourself in writing. Get your blog flowing, your dissertation finished, or that novel out of your head in a series of coaching sessions with The Sexy Grammarian.


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