In & Out: Full Penetration For Your Writing Pleasure

Let’s talk about penetration in sex for just a minute. Stick it–a finger, a dildo, or a penis–into a mouth, a vagina, or an anus. Move it all around. Squeeze. Pump. Find special spots. Push in deeper, harder, faster. Take it out. Put it in again. Take it out. It creates intimacy, joy, sometimes even babies. It feels so good.

The same goes for writing. Except we tend to focus on the output. Get it written. Post it. Publish it. Output. Put out. Put out again. Put out more.

For some reason, writers expect ourselves to perform a kind of sorcery we’d never expect from even the hottest, most magical sex. We expect ourselves to put out without any delicious, creative input.

So, how about some input to liven up your output? Your writing needs inspiration, information, and interaction if you really want to put out. Here are a few ideas:



    • To continue writing (output), what additional information do you need?
    • Research: Where are you going to find this information?
    • Who can answer questions for you?
    • Where can you go to inform the process?
    • When will you do the research?
    • How much information do you really need to keep writing?


    • Do you have a feedback partner?
    • Have you considered a workshop or writing group for feedback?
    • With whom do you collaborate?
    • Many writers benefit from writer’s coaching with me!
    • It’s Pride month! Come out as a writer to your friends and family this month, and watch the peer pressure push your project forward!

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