Progressive Grounds Cafe

This is a 5-star review.

2301 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94110

I spent my afternoon at PG on a sunny and balmy May day. They kept their big windows open, creating a breezy, pleasant atmosphere boosted by the rich décor: a warm amber-painted ceiling, hanging glass lanterns, jewel toned accents, and wooden tribal masks. The folks who work here offer sincere friendliness, courtesy, and efficiency. Free wifi, generous and comfortable seating, and plenty of outlets make it a fine place to sit and write awhile. The menu boasts both healthy and indulgent goodies: fresh fruit or potato chips, coffee or fresh made smoothies, homemade energy bar or ice cream cone. This is a great corner of the city and a great place to get work done.

The Sexy Grammarian has been spending a lot of time on her own writing. One of my favorite writing tricks is to go write in a cafe, and when I do, I also like to write a review. This review has been cross posted on Yelp, where you can read all my reviews as well as reviews my clients have written about my services.

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