Caffe Trieste in North Beach

This is a 4-star review.
609 Vallejo St
(between Grant Ave & Columbus Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94133
Neighborhood: North Beach/Telegraph Hill

A classic. The baristas might sound like they are yelling at you, but suck it up. They are treating you like family. Wine, beer, coffee, great soundtrack, and the authentic old men of European descent with big personalities are always making noise. Want to feel like a beat poet or revolutionary writer from the 1960s? Spend an afternoon here. You might even meet one. They may very well have free wifi and electrical outlets here, but I’m deducting a star because I was afraid to ask.

The Sexy Grammarian loves to work  on her own writing by writing in cafes, and when I do, I also like to write a review. This review has been cross posted on Yelp, where you can read all my reviews as well as reviews my clients have written about my services.

  1. I got a good chuckle out of this review, Kristy. The next time we’re in SF we definitely have to experience Caffe Trieste. Don’t let those old paisans scare you off! Dad

  2. Gee, thanks, Dad! I would be glad to escort you to Caffe Trieste.

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