Cafe Trieste Downtown

This is a 2-star review.

1667 Market St
(between Page St & 12th St)
San Francisco, CA 94103

There is something depressing about this café, and it’s not the bungling but cheerful baristas. It feels like a cave in here, and despite the diverse mix of patrons, I don’t quite feel at home. My pizza was tasty and served with a pleasant cucumber garnish, but my jaw started to ache halfway through it from the overly crispy thick crust that seems like it was supposed to be thin. I didn’t try the wifi, but I also didn’t see any easy-to-access electrical outlets. This place comes through for quick snacks and pick-me-ups, but I wouldn’t camp out here to write.

The Sexy Grammarian loves to work  on her own writing by writing in cafes, and when I do, I also like to write a review. This review has been cross posted on Yelp, where you can read all my reviews as well as reviews my clients have written about my services.

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