Write In A Historic Jewelbox on the Beach

I have the same point of view as the gargoyles on my right and left while I peek out the window of the tiny turret of a castle tower overlooking bustling Los Angeles. December sunshine gleams, and a fine-sanded beach beckons to me just footsteps away, but I like it here in my inspiring bird’s nest, my gemstone in the sky. So I stay and write.

So went my magical days in Kathleen’s  Historic Jewelbox On The Beach in the registered historic building, the Villa Riviera during my recent trip to Long Beach, CA. The neighbors and staff behave with a sense of pride about the place. Elevator riders introduced themselves. The building manager helped me with my luggage.

The apartment itself overflows with impressive details. Kathleen has thought of everything and labeled it too, from the fully stocked kitchen and its designer gadgets to the postage stamp bathroom and its incredible use of vertical space. I had more towels than Beach-house Barbie.

We usually go for places with a hot tub, but we took a chance, and the tiny bathtub charmed us. Have you ever given your lover a sponge bath in a bucket? It’s about as messy, awkward, and unromantic as it sounds, but Kathleen’s perfected a setup that offers all the joy and romance with none of the mess. And we were worried about the bed being uncomfortable, but we slept in royal luxury.

In fact, I can write in this bed—a little pillow-balancing bedside lamp means I can even write while The Wife’s sleeping. The whimsical and feminine design makes me feel gothy and bright all at once. At my elbow and in my peripheral vision at every turn, some plaything delights me, makes me smile, and invites me to imagine. I live in a colorful, medieval dream. I am a princess, a bird, a queen, a child, an artist, and yes, a writer.

This February, we’re romancing the writer, and one sexy way to do that is to whisk yourself away on a writing retreat. This review has been cross posted on AirBNB, and on Yelp you can read all The Sexy Grammarian’s cafe reviews as well as reviews clients have written about our services.

  1. You ARE a princess, a bird, a queen and definitely a writer!! A beautiful one at that! 🙂

  1. February 8th, 2012

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