Double Bathiness: Write and Bathe in Windsor, CA

“This place is hard to shoot. It’s hard to show comfort and make it look good,” said The Wife. She knows her stuff, and so do owners Byron and Karen. They did not over-decorate the Italian Cottage, where we stayed. Instead, they splurged on really nice floors, exquisite bathing facilities, and a bed that made me want to die in my sleep. They also balanced a reassuring presence with giving us the space we needed for privacy.

The Windrose Romantic Cottages drew us because of their perfect location for our quick writer’s escape weekend, but their Italian Country Cottage, where we stayed, had another pair of features that seduced us: a hot tub on the private deck and a clawfoot tub in the boudoir.

It’s a top-of-the-line, shallow hot tub, the kind I prefer because of jet location flexibility, and this one’s loaded with strong jets. We found it hot when we arrived and easy to use after Byron’s very good instruction.

Add to it the indoor clawfoot bathtub, and you’ve got near perfection. Karen’s stocked the charming alcove off the bedroom with everything you could need for a luxurious soak, though our tastes lean more toward simpler supplies like sea or Epsom salt over the perfumed salts they offered. Twice I slipped from drowsy sleeping bliss into a deep bathtub’s warm embrace. It is the best way to wake up.


If The Windrose Cottages are a work in progress, then I would love to see them in a few years, after Karen and Byron have ventured into painting the walls with some warm colors and invested in higher quality supplies, tools, cabinetry, and hardware in the kitchen. I can see they have good taste and good sense by the choices they’ve made with the hot tub and the luxurious bathtub and master suite setup.

And yes, between baths, The Wife did some cooking and barbecuing, and I got some writing done, both at the comfortable dining table and on the floor in the cozy parlor. And we met emu and geese.

This February, we’re romancing the writer, and one sexy way to do that is to whisk yourself away on a writing retreat. This review has been cross posted on on Yelp, where you can read all The Sexy Grammarian’s cafe reviews as well as reviews clients have written about our services.

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