Honorary Sexy G: Elizabeth O’Brien

Elizabeth O’Brien rocks at doing what everybody wants to do on Twitter. She posts often. She posts useful information in a fresh way. And she does it all in the space of a Tweet. @GrammarRocks buzzes daily with Tweet-sized free grammar lessons, some days dozens of them. Today she’s on a roll with useful, quick, helpful, fresh bites like:

TO = (usually a) PREPOSITION

Helping verbs: Be am is are was were been being have has had could should would may might must shall can will do did does having

Click on any of her Twitter links, and you’ll land somewhere in her vast online grammar education empire, The Grammar Revolution website, a cornucopia of grammar learning tools–exercises, quizzes, and lesson plans–that O’Brien offers, all for free. She’s mini-blogging. She’s participating in the online community generously and with an approachable voice. That’s what I call a Sexy Grammarian.

Personally, I refer to her excellent diagrams and word lists to help me arouse writers and explain big grammar ideas all the time. She also has a poetry section. And you can see famous quotes diagrammed! I’ve always loved this one from Oscar Wilde. Can you read it?

This week, in the name of all that is sexy and grammatically correct in the world, join O’Brien’s Grammar Revolution, especially teachers, homeschoolers, people learning English as a second language, and anybody who just wants a better grasp on grammar. You can follow her on Twitter, leave her a note, or buy her awesome e-book. And thanks for celebrating Sexy Grammar Week with us!

What is Sexy Grammar?

It’s the fun way we present writing tools and grammar guidelines. But it’s also a philosophy—that writing and art satisfy a human urge to create, not unlike sex. Sexy Grammar is about letting your inner writer be sexy—aroused, engaged, and unapologetic. When you do that, your writing gets sexy, and that attracts readers. You can get Private Sexy Grammar Lessons here.

What is Sexy Grammar Week?

We conceived Sexy Grammar Week three years ago when we noted March 3rd as  America’s Sexuality Day and March 4th as National Grammar Day. Then we established a flirtatious Sexy Grammar Week tradition: we crown honorary Sexy Grammarians and glorify them here on the blog. This year we’re targeting bloggers who really put out, like Elizabeth O’Brien.


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