Honorary Sexy Grammarians: Globally Conscious Couples

Follow Stu and Mags while they hatch their scheme “to live in an intentional community while creating a healing cooperative business and a permaculture farm.” Their journey began last summer, when they quit their jobs and set a course for a worldwide tour to find their ideal location, learn worldwide techniques for their crafts, and inspire their dreams.

Stu and Mags

Jenni & Lisa

And just try to keep up with Lisa and Jenni of Out & Around while they climb mountains, plan their wedding, and seek out an international who’s-who list of what they call Supergays, activists working worldwide to lead the LGBT movement.

Both these sexy, young couples have chosen to travel with global consciousness. Both couples post often and generously, with authentic voices, hilarious adventures, and a citizens-of-the-world spirit that will inspire you to actualize your own world travel dreams. That’s what I call a bunch of Sexy Grammarians.

This week, in the name of all that is sexy and grammatically correct, read the stories of these intrepid world changers, and cheer them on by commenting, punching a like button, subscribing, or telling your friends on Facebook and Twitter about them. And thanks for celebrating Sexy Grammar Week with us!

What is Sexy Grammar?

It’s the fun way we present writing tools and grammar guidelines. But it’s also a philosophy—that writing and art satisfy a human urge to create, not unlike sex. Sexy Grammar is about letting your inner writer be sexy—aroused, engaged, and unapologetic. When you do that, your writing gets sexy, and that attracts readers. You can get Private Sexy Grammar Lessons here.

What is Sexy Grammar Week?

We conceived Sexy Grammar Week three years ago when we noted March 3rd as  America’s Sexuality Day and March 4th as National Grammar Day. Then we established a flirtatious Sexy Grammar Week tradition: we crown honorary Sexy Grammarians and glorify them here on the blog. This year we’re targeting bloggers who really put out, like Stu & Mags and Jenni & Lisa. Check out yesterday’s post on Honorary Sexy Grammarian, Elizabeth O’Brien.

  1. Thanks so much, Sexy Grammarian! I am thinking of you as I write, trying to get all my subjects and objects right and also trying to not write in the passive voice.

    Ni hao! From Taipei 🙂

    – Stu and Mags

    • Your posts have been fantastic and entertaining! Thanks for continuing to post so generously.

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