Honorary Sexy G: Scholar Bat Sheva Marcus

Before she collaborated with other sexual health experts to launch The Better Sex Blog, which posts free, accurate, and empowering sexual health information for women, Bat Sheva Marcus published her trailblazing study on female sexual response to vibrators in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

On The Better Sex Blog, Marcus contributes nonjudgmental, pro-sexual pleasure posts like this stereotype-smashing piece on sex and aging and this discussion of erotic literature, young adults, and author Judy Blume. That’s what I call a Sexy Grammarian.

In honor of all that is sexy and grammatically correct, learn something new about sex at The Better Sex Blog, and tell them what you think by commenting, subscribing, or telling your friends on Facebook and Twitter about it. And thanks for celebrating Sexy Grammar Week with us!

What is Sexy Grammar?

It’s the fun way we present writing tools and grammar guidelines. But it’s also a philosophy—that writing and art satisfy a human urge to create, not unlike sex. Sexy Grammar is about letting your inner writer be sexy—aroused, engaged, and unapologetic. When you do that, your writing gets sexy, and that attracts readers. You can get Private Sexy Grammar Lessons here.

What is Sexy Grammar Week?

We conceived Sexy Grammar Week three years ago when we noted March 3rd as  America’s Sexuality Day and March 4th as National Grammar Day. Then we established a flirtatious Sexy Grammar Week tradition: we crown honorary Sexy Grammarians and glorify them here on the blog. This year we’re featuring bloggers who really put out, like Bat Sheva Marcus. Did you miss this week’s other Honorary Sexy Grammarians? Each one’s a star! Meet some bloggers who really put out: Ken Stram, Dave X Robb, Mags & Stu, Lisa & Jenni, and Elizabeth O’Brien.

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