Guest Blogger Michael Platania on The Power of Deadlines: Part I

Part I: The Book Began

Seven years ago I started my first book, Right Turns in Pleasant Plains.  The story takes place in the small town of Pleasant Plains, where drivers only make right turns.  Thom, the protagonist, arrives shortly after his truck breaks down and discovers that right turns apply to life as well as driving.

While writing the first chapter, I discovered the characters interested me more than the right-turn metaphor.  I shortened the title to Pleasant Plains, shifted focus to the characters in the book, and dropped the right-turn concept.

I don’t begin with an outline.  During the writing process, I put words to the page and let the story unfold. I jot down notes and ideas as they come to me, confident I can weave them into the narrative at the appropriate time.  I have many chapters completed, and many more in draft form, yet seven years later the book is still unfinished.

Michael Platania, the Social Media Story Teller, tells stories that are fun, sexy, and engaging, whether writing a blog entry, a Facebook update, or a Twitter post.   He used the power of deadlines to complete this three-part series.

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