Guest Blogger Michael Platania on The Power of Deadlines: Part III

Part III: The Book Completed

After the death of my mother in August 2011, I decided to write a book about the amazing and surprising blessings I experienced the week of her funeral.  A friend and editor insisted I create a series of deadlines in order to complete the book, so I set a goal to write one chapter a week. She countered with a suggestion that I extend my expectations to one chapter every ten days. I had a plan.

When the first deadline approached, I considered letting it pass. After all, I was still in mourning. But in my heart, I felt it important to meet my commitment.  I completed the chapter shortly before midnight of the tenth day and hit the send button. Much to my relief, I made my deadline.

In that instant, I learned the power of deadlines.  I can never achieve perfection in my writing, yet without a deadline, I  continually search for it.  A deadline forces me to accept the best I can do with the time I’ve got.  A deadline forces me to complete my work and move on to the next chapter, book, or project.  Simply put, setting and meeting deadlines guarantees I will finish my book.

One day I will return to Pleasant Plains, give myself a deadline, and within that constraint, find a close-to-perfect opening line.

Michael Platania, the Social Media Story Teller, tells stories that are fun, sexy, and engaging, whether writing a blog entry, a Facebook update, or a Twitter post.   He used the power of deadlines to complete this three-part series.

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