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Talking Dirty: Tags, Paragraphs, and Commas

Pardon me, for this blog post contains sexually explicit examples or content. If you are under the age of 18 or just uncomfortable with sexually explicit material, you may want to check out one of these sites about grammar and writing instead.

Dialogue Tags

A dialogue tag has two objectives: Continue reading


Comma Sense: Restrictive

Restrictive, dependent clauses: When a dependent clause is vital to the sentence’s meaning, there’s no need to set it off with a comma.

Orgasm is a physical response that anyone can achieve.
She loved getting her pussy licked from side to side.

Now mark the unnecessary commas:

When faced with two options, she chose the dildo, that had broken her heart.
He was surprised, when she removed her sweater, blouse, and camisole.

Comma Sense: Nonrestrictive

Nonrestrictive, dependent clauses: When a dependent clause adds information to a sentence without changing its meaning, set it off with a comma.

She is the madame of the house, which offers both male and female prostitutes.
I squeezed all the muscles in my pelvis, another trick for exaggerating an orgasm.

Now you try:

Nobody likes a sloppy kisser not even sloppy kissers.
He held his dick just outside her cunt which salivated excessively.

Comma Sense: Complex Is Sexy

Sentences with complex predicates: When both parts of a predicate modify the same subject, there’s no need to separate them with a comma.

He lowered himself to her vulva but did not get a warm welcome.

Now mark the unnecessary commas:

To render him impotent and weak, Delilah waited for him to fall asleep, and cut off all his hair.
Our bed was round, red, and velvet-covered, and vibrated when we put quarters into the machine.

Comma Sense: But She Closed Her Legs

Compound Sentences: Use a comma to separate two independent clauses.

He lowered himself to her vulva, but she closed her legs.

Now you try:

Samson fell asleep after having sex and Delilah cut off all his hair.
Our round bed promised to vibrate for a quarter so we put one into the machine.

Comma Sense: Beneath Me Slithered . . .

Introductory phrases that directly precede a verb: Omit the introductory phrase’s comma when it is followed directly by a verb.

Grinding on my boyfriend’s lap was my best friend.

Now mark the unnecessary commas:

Out of the bedroom, stepped three beautiful, naked women.
Beneath me, slithered my girlfriend, her new boyfriend, and a man none of us had met.

Comma Sense: Before Getting Off . . .

Introductory phrases: Set apart most introductory phrases with a comma.

Before getting off, can you please share that vibrator with the rest of us?

Now you try:

As we discussed let’s start with the handcuffs and ankle restraints.
After the first orgasm they tried to keep the energy high enough for a second one.