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Comma Sense: Restrictive

Restrictive, dependent clauses: When a dependent clause is vital to the sentence’s meaning, there’s no need to set it off with a comma.

Orgasm is a physical response that anyone can achieve.
She loved getting her pussy licked from side to side.

Now mark the unnecessary commas:

When faced with two options, she chose the dildo, that had broken her heart.
He was surprised, when she removed her sweater, blouse, and camisole.


Comma Sense: Nonrestrictive

Nonrestrictive, dependent clauses: When a dependent clause adds information to a sentence without changing its meaning, set it off with a comma.

She is the madame of the house, which offers both male and female prostitutes.
I squeezed all the muscles in my pelvis, another trick for exaggerating an orgasm.

Now you try:

Nobody likes a sloppy kisser not even sloppy kissers.
He held his dick just outside her cunt which salivated excessively.

Comma Sense: Complex Is Sexy

Sentences with complex predicates: When both parts of a predicate modify the same subject, there’s no need to separate them with a comma.

He lowered himself to her vulva but did not get a warm welcome.

Now mark the unnecessary commas:

To render him impotent and weak, Delilah waited for him to fall asleep, and cut off all his hair.
Our bed was round, red, and velvet-covered, and vibrated when we put quarters into the machine.

Comma Sense: But She Closed Her Legs

Compound Sentences: Use a comma to separate two independent clauses.

He lowered himself to her vulva, but she closed her legs.

Now you try:

Samson fell asleep after having sex and Delilah cut off all his hair.
Our round bed promised to vibrate for a quarter so we put one into the machine.

Comma Sense: Beneath Me Slithered . . .

Introductory phrases that directly precede a verb: Omit the introductory phrase’s comma when it is followed directly by a verb.

Grinding on my boyfriend’s lap was my best friend.

Now mark the unnecessary commas:

Out of the bedroom, stepped three beautiful, naked women.
Beneath me, slithered my girlfriend, her new boyfriend, and a man none of us had met.

Comma Sense: Before Getting Off . . .

Introductory phrases: Set apart most introductory phrases with a comma.

Before getting off, can you please share that vibrator with the rest of us?

Now you try:

As we discussed let’s start with the handcuffs and ankle restraints.
After the first orgasm they tried to keep the energy high enough for a second one.

Comma Sense: Your Kiss Is On My List

Series with conjunction: Separate each item in any list with a comma—even the last item and its conjunction.

Before I whip you, I will need your consent, your lover’s consent, and all your clothes.

Now you try:

Ankles and ear lobes had always been sexier to her than the typical tits ass and thighs.
Reach across me so you can turn off the light get a condom and give me a kiss.