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Inspired! How To Engage or Build A Community for Your Business with Edith Yeung

Edith Yeung‘s got some great ideas about community building, and she shares them freely. And that’s really her message. Share your great ideas freely. It’s Seth Godin‘s message in the TED Talk above too. And although I took several pages of notes in this session, I encourage you to check out Edith’s many resources on the web. And in this post, I want to share, not what she said but what she inspired.

During this workshop, I got struck by lightning, as if many ideas about marketing and the Internet suddenly coalesced and became clear and beautiful:

  • If you are participating in social media from a perspective of sharing your expertise with the world, then you take steps to increase your magnetism to search engines by cross posting, linking, using descriptive titles, headlines, and link names, and participating in online conversations.
  • If you participate in this way, the Google algorithm likes you, so SEO marketing becomes about doing it right, participating, being engaged, and leading others to be engaged.
  • What is the highest good you can achieve with your knowledge and expertise? Putting your company’s contribution where people can find it, offering free, useful, well-written information to the Internet is the best way to get your message to the world and to be generous with the world.
  • This participation makes you a thought leader and a community leader. Being a leader makes you a better, more successful business owner.
  • It becomes possible that your marketing efforts are actually your gift to the world, the noblest thing you and your company can do.
  • Doing this well destroys negative business owner thinking about marketing being evil, self-promotion being creepy, and social media being a waste of time. Instead, this is the best, noblest, highest good you can offer. In return for your generosity, your community will find you and support your life’s work.

Last week, entrepreneurs nationwide celebrated Small Business Week, and San Francisco marked the occasion with several fantastic events including the Small Business Conference, more than 30 workshops to help small business owners succeed. This week, I offer my notes and inspiration from the four  fabulous workshops I attended:

I’m integrating what I’ve learned into my coaching practice, especially for small business owners. Do you know a small business owner who needs help keeping up with the writing demands of Internet marketing? I can help, and my first session is free.