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Everything You Need To Write Your Dissertation, You Can Learn From Sex: 4 Hot Tips

  1. Be specific. Academia will not tolerate fuzzy generalizations. Find the words to express exactly what you mean, and you’ll get the response you want.
  2. It gets messy. Don’t expect your dissertation writing process to fit neatly into your program director’s instructions. Find joy in chaos and spilt liquids.
  3. Get to the heart. Do whatever it takes to clarify your thesis, your study question, or your hypothesis. Then let it guide your every move.
  4. Try a new position. When things go awry, go at it from a different angle. It’s amazing how much better everything feels with another perspective.
Sexy Grammar invites the writer in you to a turned on, engaged, and unapologetic creative life. We believe that sex and writing go hand in hand and that the creative process can be thrilling, pleasurable, and satisfying. Ready for your free Private Session?

The Story of Sexy Grammar: My Ovaries & Your Dissertation

“Do you feel that?” I ask the young woman leaning into my body with her eyes shut.
“Uh huh,” she says, concentrating.
“That’s my ovary.
She opens her eyes, elated. “Wow! I felt it! I get it!”

Before I became The Sexy Grammarian, I taught medical students  how to provide comfortable and effective genital exams for Project Prepare, where I still pick up shifts because I love the work so much.

Later, I read my student’s course evaluation: The best thing about this session, she writes, was putting the book knowledge together with the real thing–like feeling an actual ovary. That’s learning!

Providing this kind of radical sex education offers me the thrill and sacred duty of applying theory to the 3-dimensional world. Dissertations and other big academic writing projects require enthusiasm for the same scientific magic. You’ve got to write about what you’ve learned and how it applies to real life. That’s why I love helping people finish their degrees and find joy, pride, and satisfaction in their work.

The Sexy Grammarian loves learning just like you. Private Sessions with The Sexy G ease the rigorous climb to academic writing achievement with compassionate guidance and gentle support. Get a free Private Session now.