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The Story of Sexy Grammar: Lesbian Sex Tricks & Your Target Market

“Do you want to make her come?” I asked the circle of men around me. “Or do you want to make her come with your dick?”

Long before I taught entrepreneurs how to build social media campaigns, I taught a class I called Dyke Tricks For Straight Dicks at the Bay Area’s clean, well-lighted store for sex toys, Good Vibrations.

Teaching men about female pleasure anatomy showed me how to ask good questions, reach my audience, and consistently deliver a wildly popular message–that some women want more than penetrative sex from their male partners.

Inevitably, the men who attended my Dyke Tricks classes learned something about female sexual pleasure. The women in their lives thanked me with referrals, requests for advanced classes, and sometimes even flowers. And I learned how to motivate a target market.

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The Story of Sexy Grammar: My Ovaries & Your Dissertation

“Do you feel that?” I ask the young woman leaning into my body with her eyes shut.
“Uh huh,” she says, concentrating.
“That’s my ovary.
She opens her eyes, elated. “Wow! I felt it! I get it!”

Before I became The Sexy Grammarian, I taught medical students  how to provide comfortable and effective genital exams for Project Prepare, where I still pick up shifts because I love the work so much.

Later, I read my student’s course evaluation: The best thing about this session, she writes, was putting the book knowledge together with the real thing–like feeling an actual ovary. That’s learning!

Providing this kind of radical sex education offers me the thrill and sacred duty of applying theory to the 3-dimensional world. Dissertations and other big academic writing projects require enthusiasm for the same scientific magic. You’ve got to write about what you’ve learned and how it applies to real life. That’s why I love helping people finish their degrees and find joy, pride, and satisfaction in their work.

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Day 2: I might put some big ideas up on paper in pretty colors . . .

Today’s Word Count Goal: 5900

Today’s Word Count So-Far: 2950

Total Word Count Goal: 50,000

I wrote right up until midnight on day one, a rollicking day of headcold threats, perfect weather, shiny new technology, under-bench pigeon sitings, a train ride, sexual health education, shady business dealings, fried chicken, everlasting peace, a lovely new client, and a World Series win (Go Giants!) And yeah, I reached my day one writing goal at 11:57pm.

Today, I’ve got a little more time to linger. I might put some big ideas up on paper in pretty colors. I might go pigeon watching.

The wife snapped this pigeon picture and sent it to me. Yeah, the sky was like that in The City today.


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Stupid Sexy

Yesterday, I walked into my local Diesel store, determined to buy something for myself because their current advertising campaign has been catching my eye and making me smile. Besides, I like Diesel’s style, even if their size chart caters to skinny bitches

When I introduce myself, I make a decision about whether to identify as a sex educator or an editor, and I make that decision based on whether I’m in the mood for a high-brow conversation or a low-brow one.


If I say I’m a sex educator, the conversation is likely to get silly and giggly, rather intellectually flat. If I talk about writing, we end up talking about books or grammar rules, showing off our educations.

Sex or writing? Low-brow or high-brow? Stupid or smart?


Maybe we try a little too hard to be smart about writing. Maybe we try too hard to sound smart when we write. Maybe,when we’re stuck and cannot write, it would help to indulge a little in the stupid. That’s what I like about the Diesel Be Stupid campaign: I think it speaks some truth.


So, when you’re writing, try being a little more stupid and see if it gets your pen flowing and your keyboard tapping. Draw a stupid, silly picture. Write a ridiculous, dumb rhyme. You might find yourself moving forward.


And while you’re at it, try getting a little smarter about your sex too.

I didn’t buy anything yesterday at Diesel. Nothing else besides the advertisements in that place fit me–not the jeans, not the prices. I may be the perfect target for their ad campaign, but I’m not their target buying market.